Inner Peace & Happiness

Inner Peace: A Mind-Body Experience

The deep restfulness experienced during Transcendental Meditation relaxes the body and allows it to release stress and built-up fatigue.

When your nervous system is less tense, you can react more calmly to problems that arise. It’s not enough to affirm yourself to inner peace. You have to experience it in the physiology.

Experience natural calm

By adding the calming experience of Transcendental Meditation to your daily routine, inner peace grows easily. The natural tendency of the mind is to go in the direction of more happiness and peace. When practising Transcendental Meditation, this process happens naturally and automatically.

Add meditation to your daily routine

True inner peace is the sense of calm and centredness needed to be effective in today’s busy world. In sports, they call it The Zone, where athletes perform at their peak while maintaining a calm, comprehensive point of view. You don’t need to retreat to a mountain top to find inner peace. Just practise Transcendental Meditation twice a day.

By adding the calming experience of Transcendental Meditation to your daily routine, inner peace grows. It’s similar to dying fabric the old-fashioned way—alternately dipping it in dye and fading it in the sun until it becomes colour fast. In that same way, the alternation of TM and activity quickly produces a state where you are never overshadowed by stressful experiences. No matter what problems arise, you face them with a strong steady state of mind.

“I feel much more relaxed and calm now. I do not loose my temper easily. I also feel happier and healthier. I was taking medicine for depression which has now reduced by 30%. My work endurance has also improved, now I am more peaceful and efficient in my work. I have also taken Advanced courses of TM, it helps me get deep sleep and wake up fresh and rested. ”

Vivek Goel – Aircraft Ser. Engineer, Air India Ltd.

Mahesh Yogi

Founder of Transcendental Meditation