Meditation To Improve Relationship

Transcendental Meditation contributes to more successful and fulfilling relationships, and increases our ability to give more, in a positive way.

All successful relationships are based on giving. But we can only give what we have. Often by the end of a busy day our reserves of energy are depleted and there is nothing left for friends and family. Relationships inevitably suffer. Transcendental Meditation reduces stress and tension, a major barrier to good communication

develops a more mature and tolerant personality. TM has also been found to develop broader awareness, greater happiness, and refined feelings and emotions. All these result in a more positive and warm personality capable of enjoying deeper relationships and a richer personal life.

Improve work and personal relationships

A study of executives and workers in the automotive industry found that after three months regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation programme, employees showed improved work and personal relationships, in comparison to controls from the same work.

Take care of yourself first

The few minutes spent every day taking care of ourselves by practising Transcendental Meditation, increases our capacity to respond to the needs of family, friends and colleagues. Through this simple process of allowing the mind to settle to quieter levels and experience a state of restful alertness where the body is deeply rested and the mind fully alert, deep rooted stress and fatigue are dissolved in a natural way.

This unique state produces very high levels of coherence or orderliness in the functioning of the brain, which results in the experience of increased peacefulness, harmony, mental clarity, and the ability to see things in perspective. people report that they feel less stress and pressure at home & work.

It is always true that if we are more positive and open towards others, they reciprocate by becoming more open and positive towards us. In this way, the inner development brought about by Transcendental Meditation is reflected in more rewarding relationships of every type – business, family or social, By adding the calming experience of the Transcendental Meditation technique to your daily routine, inner peace grows. As a result of the mind being calmer.

These individual benefits of Transcendental Meditation have important societal implications too. When individuals become less stressed and use more of their creative potential, they naturally contribute more positively to society.

Take care of yourself first

“Maharishi Corporate Development Programme brought us-more than 25,000 employees who were instructed into Transcendental Meditation – much closer together. We felt enriched and empowered and better able to serve. ”

D. S. Seth

Mahesh Yogi

Founder of Transcendental Meditation