Yoga helps in promoting relaxation which is the opposite of stress completely. As yoga provides us relaxation of mind and body so in today’s era everyone is keen interested in doing yoga.

Our body, mind and breathing are the three main aspects that have been affected by doing yoga on regular basis. We can do yoga at any time just half an hour gap before and after meal should be there. There is no age limit for doing it. Even old age people also keep themselves busy in doing yoga. It’s really better to resolve all the body problems by yourself only rather than going to doctor for small issues. It helps in easing the discomfort of the body.

Today everyone is facing some kind of stress in his or her life like office work pressure, burden of studies on students, housewives are stressed that they are not able to do anything on their own, old age people are stressed out because their children or grand children do not have time for them. The most important enemy of stress is expectations. The more expectations you keep from others the more stressful your life would be. So we suggest everyone to do even little bit physical exercise or yoga. More and more depression cases can be seen today. Small children are becoming victims of depression. So consultants also give the suggestion of doing yoga on regular basis.

There are many different ways with the help of which we can fight against stress and yoga is one of them. Yoga is not only stretching part but in this we can unite our body, mind and breathing as well.

Mahesh Yogi

Founder of Transcendental Meditation

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